Thursday, January 20, 2011

New trend: Bamboo

You look at all types of skis, at their details, glance at the core material and there's the word. Bamboo. The whole world of sports is having its eyes opened to the wonders of bamboo. You can find bamboo bicycles, tennis rackets and even bamboo shoes. But is it just a "green trend"? Or is it here to stay?

Liberty Helix Ski
Morphic, Shogun, Helix. All names of skis with bamboo cores. Experts say that bamboo skis are lighter, snappier and more responsive. There is plenty of bamboo available because it can grow in such a range of environments. Price, availability and performance are all lobbying in bamboo's favor, but processing and deforestation are speaking against it. Although bamboo grows all over the place, the kind of bamboo used for skis and snowboards and other sorts of things are the really huge, thick and durable kind found only in parts of eastern asia. Harvesting this bamboo causes loss of habitat for Pandas and other sorts of cute animals. But tell me what you think? Good to go? Or gotta go?

Liberty Skis
Salomon Skis
Wikipedia Bamboo Article

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  1. Harvesting the bamboo is a terrible thing to do. Think of the pandas!!!! Anyway, I like the Liberty Skis...I'll use them when I go skiing in the Andes